Selecting corporate wear for men, including the corporate suit!

When selecting corporate wear for men, the corporate suit is an absolute essential. A quality suit can last years and is an investment in your professional presentation. However, choosing the ideal suit can be a challenge, particularly if you’re purchasing a garment off the rack. Here’s how to choose the corporate suit that’s perfect for you:


The best corporate wear for men has a snug fit across the shoulders. Shoulder pads should not overhang your own shoulders. In fact, there should be no excess fabric or distortion, creating an overall appearance of strong posture. The ideal suit jacket sits close to the shoulders and is slim throughout the body.


One way to determine whether a suit fits your chest – is to place your hand between yourself and the buttoned jacket. Your hand should fit securely inside the jacket, with the button fastened comfortably. Similarly, the jacket should fit closely around your stomach, without being too tight or gaping.


The corporate suit should be a tailored length for you, both in the sleeves and body. To determine your sleeve length, place your arms by your side and note where the base of your thumb meets your wrist. This is your ideal sleeve length, and you should keep 1 – 2 cm of shirt cuff visible. When your arms are hanging down, you should be able to cup your fingers under the sides of your suit jacket to determine its body length.


Suit trousers come in a variety of cuts and sizes, to suit all body shapes. As a general rule, your trousers should be flattering and comfortable, without seeming too tight or loose. Traditionally, trousers would rest on the top of your shoe. More modern styles of trousers are tapered and end before your shoe, leaving a small gap for socks to peek through.

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