What is corporate wear in 2018?

Entering the workforce can be daunting, especially when you want to make a strong first impression. In decades gone-by, power dressing for the workplace may have involved a three-piece suit or hefty shoulder pads. Today though, many Australian workplaces have relaxed their standard of dress, which begs the question, ‘What is corporate wear in 2018?’

Many major Australian companies have phased out rigid uniform policies and replaced these with a standard guideline for employees to follow. In short, staff are expected to dress in a way that is presentable, respectful towards both clients and colleagues, and suited to the safety requirements or office environment they work in. This also allows scope for employees to demonstrate their individuality – with unique accessories, prints or colours where appropriate.

Without a formal uniform policy to follow, it can be helpful to invest in a few staple wardrobe items that will help you navigate the question, ‘What is corporate wear in 2018?’

  1. A well-cut blazer

A tailored blazer that is made from quality, durable fabric is a must-have for any corporate wardrobe, whether male or female. A well-cut blazer should fit your body in the appropriate places, without restricting your arms or general movement. Opt for neutral colours such as black, navy or grey, as these can be paired with a vast range of clothing options.

The blazer is an excellent staple for any corporate wardrobe, as it can be dressed up or down in accordance with your needs. For example, a blazer worn with a blouse and jeans creates a smart-casual look perfect for Fridays. The same blazer worn with a suit pant will create a more formal look, ready for important meetings or interviews.

  1. Full-length business pants

In the same way that a quality blazer can offer endless options, so too can a pair of well-made business pants. Look for pants that are full-length with a tailored fit. A decent pair of business pants can be placed on regular rotation with other blouses and shirts in your corporate wardrobe.

  1. A tailored button-up shirt

For both men and women, a tailored button-up shirt is a reliable option for weekdays. Whether you prefer cotton, silk or linen, a button-up will never go out of style and can be effortlessly paired with your favourite tie, scarf or accessories. The button-up shirt allows a level of individuality – and is available in an array of colours and patterns including checks, stripes, spots and graphic prints.

  1. Neutral coloured shoes

When selecting a pair of work shoes, comfort is paramount. Women who prefer heels should opt for a lower, block heel to offer greater stability and comfort. Men may opt for a versatile dress boot, or the more formal Oxford or Brogue styles. Regardless of your preferred shoe, choose a colour that is neutral enough to suit a range of outfits. Black, nude or brown shoes are the unmistakable classics!

  1. Business accessories

When answering the question ‘what is corporate wear in 2018’, it would be remiss not to consider a range of business accessories. A durable, well-structured bag should be large enough for both men and women to store their work essentials – including laptops and electronic devices where applicable. In terms of jewellery, it’s hard to go astray with an elegant watch, simple pair of earrings and other unobtrusive adornments.

Something to remember:

When understanding ‘what is corporate wear in 2018’, it’s helpful to remember that companies recruit individuals based on their personality and unique contribution. Whilst this list of staples provides an excellent foundation for a classic corporate wardrobe, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through!

To stand out, men may prefer to experiment with fashion items like a brightly coloured pair of socks, patterned tie or even eye-catching cuff links. Women may wish to match brightly coloured skirts or patterned dresses with other staple wardrobe items. If your team needs a polished and well-produced corporate wardrobe, look no further than DR Manufacturing.

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