How to choose winter corporate wear for your team

As the colder weather sets in, it’s important that your team has the right type of outerwear to keep them warm and comfortable at work. Choosing appropriate clothing for your team means selecting garments that are durable, functional and meet any specific safety criteria or design aesthetics. If you’re wondering how to choose winter corporate wear for your team, DR Manufacturing knows which factors to consider first:
1. Weather variations 
If your team works in a climate where the weather is variable, the best approach may be to layer fleeces and jackets, with accessories such as hats or gloves. Similarly, if your team is regularly exposed to wet weather, you’ll need to ensure they have access to sturdy, waterproof outerwear. Whilst office workers are more sheltered from the cold – blazers, scarfs and other accessories may still be necessary as the winter months set in. 
2. Safety requirements 
Many workplaces have an in-house Health and Safety Policy, which should be reviewed in the uniform design stages. For example, employees who work in low-visibility conditions will require high-vis winter gear. Sun protection also continues to be important for outdoor workers, even in the cooler winter months. In addition, employees who are regularly on the go may need garments that have a sweat-wicking property that is quick to dry. Shoes with enhanced grip may also be a necessity in more slippery or cold weather. A risk assessment can help determine what PPE (personal protective equipment) your workers may need during wintertime. 
3. Brand identity
Whilst workwear should primarily be functional, it’s also important that your team looks unified and is easily identifiable on the job. When determining ‘how to choose winter corporate wear for your team’, consider the entire uniform ensemble as it currently stands. Will logos still be apparent on your new-look winter wear? Will the colours and styles of your winter wardrobe correlate with your range of summer clothing? Well-designed uniforms are an excellent way to promote your company name and identity – which means your employees are also your best brand ambassadors!
Not sure how to choose winter corporate wear for your team? Leave it to the experts at DR Manufacturing, who can guide you from the design stages right through to quality manufacturing and delivery. 

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